Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's been a long time my friends

Good morning! Once again  it has been much to long since my last post! I have been crazy busy of late getting ready for weestock this Saturday (check out events for more info) and for the other super tuesday projects I have been doing. You can see them all right now on our facebook page. I haven't slown down to pull them into our blogspot.. so my new subway art will suffice... :) I am sooo excited to finally get these on the blog! Last night was one of the super tuesdays and these 3 fun subway arts. It was cool to see everyone paint there hardboard differently.

This is the Family Subway art. I love the subway arts that have family rules, but I wanted to make on that had words on it that meant what family is to me. I am in love with the turn out!

This is the serious side of christmas. The reason for the season. I love the subway art layout, but I was hoping the colors would have been  a little lighter or something. Either way, it was fun to do! :)

HO HO HO!!! I love tihs fun and silly christmas! I choose a red background just because of the candy canes, but I think the next go around I will add some green into it...

All of these are available to order as just the vinyl... so if you have questions, I am the girl to ask!
Well back to work! There are only 3 days left until Weestock!!! eeek! I am super excited, nervous and right now ridiculously busy. Be sure to check it out it's going to be AWESOME! If you do, come stop by and say hi!!

Merry Christmas!

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Samantha Jiwa said...

I love the first one here! It would look good with any style of decor in the home! :)