Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh SNAP!!!

I recently came across SNAP a super cool website ALL ABOUT BLOGGING!

What I LOVE about this site is that it is a collection of some of  
my favorite bloggers, all together in ONE Spot!
Such As:
If you have Never been to any of these blogs, then get your butt over there RIGHT NOW!!
They are CHALK FULL of Great Ideas and Tutorials!!

Together, and with some other awesome bloggers, they make up SNAP an online community made to help us get to know each other better and offer tips of advice for blogging. 

The best part is that they are hosting a Conference;
all about Creative Blogging and Social Media. 

Anyways, they are having a great Give Away to score FREE TICKETS {Squeal!!!} to the conference. I WOULD so love a pair! Even one would be fine.... :) To win them you go to their blog, and enter by completing a post on your blog.... Then a vote is open to public to see who will win.


I feel like such an underdog to these amazing women I am competing against! I feel I deserve this ticket because I think it would catapult my blog into a serious frenzy of cool tutorials, blog features and give me more inspiration to keep creating.

I'd like to say I am above bribing, but I'm not so sure I am. Let's just say that I will be offering some  
if I win! ;) 
oh... also enter code: OHSNAP to get 20% OFF  anything in my Etsy Shop! :) 



Tauni said...

Just hopping over to say "hi" and thank you for entering the SNAP! ticket contest.

Best of luck! Hope we get to meet in April next year.

Amy said...

Hope to see you in April! Good luck with the contest!