Thursday, June 9, 2011


Do you ever have ONE of the THOSE days?
  Something like this....
Sweet Angel - "MOM! I'm hungry"
Loving Mom - "You just had lunch! and you didn't even finish!"
Sweetheart - "But Moooom! I just want a Snack!?"
(In the background the baby is crying for a much needed nap time)
Gentle Mom - " Your sister needs a nap and if you finished your lunch you could have a snack"
This only brings on another addition to the already loud chorus of crying....
On top of all this your house is a mess; the laundry is strewn across the basket and floor, maybe even leaving you wondering what exactly is clean (?) Dishes are in the sink, cheerios are everywhere (including your hair...) and to top it all off your husband is coming home in less than an hour.

Does this ever happen to you?
If the answer is yes, ME TOO! If the answer is No, then please send me a detailed schedule of how you keep this from ever happening. 
(Then you should publish as a book and make millions)

Let me be clear. I am not saying that being a stay at home sucks all the time or even most of the time. I and I think we, sometimes just have days where we ask
What's the Point? It's all gonna get messy again!
Well I do anyways. I was perusing the internet a few days ago and kinda feeling burnt out when I came across the article below, I have edited it a bit so it suits me a little more...
Needless to say I read it and felt a lot better. I even Laughed. While I would actually NEVER trade my kids for ANYTHING in the world. I can relate, and know someone else out there does makes me feel a lot better! Besides... these are JUST FUNNY!!! :)

10 Signs You Are in Mommy Burn Out Mode

1.     You secretly fantasize about being kidless

2.     You consider a doctor’s appointment your “me” time

3.     You feel empathy when you read about a mother who left her kid in the car while she partied at the bar

4.     If you have to watch one more episode of Dora (or Thomas or Bob), you’re going to put a fork in your eye

5.     When you’re daughter asks you to make (yet another) snack for her you burst into tears

6.     When your husband asks how your day was you respond with, “How the "insert bad word here" do you think my day was?!”

7.     An hour alone to browse the aisles in Costco sounds better than a week in Hawaii with the family

8.     You pour your first glass of wine at noon...Or pull out the ice cream...

9.     It’s been a week since you gave the toddler a bath

10.    You feel like a complete failure

My OWN Additions
11. You wake up singing the theme song from Thomas the Tank Engine or Any song from one of the 72 Land Before Time episodes.

12. You just realized you haven't showered in 3 days. (I admit this has happened to me at least once!)

13. And when you do get to shower, you consider it a luxurious 10 minute "me" time.

14. The highlight of your day was the mail... even though you know you aren't expecting anything.

15. When you go to the bathroom, you do so with the intent of gettting a sweet 5 minutes to your whole self, (ok maybe even 1, you're not that picky)

I Hope you enjoyed reading these and they gave you a good Laugh! 
That's what they are intended for! :)



Jazlyn Oliver said...

Well the only one that really applies to me right now is the 10 minute shower, oh I love my showers... that and I find myself making up songs right now. Love it Jacinda!

Trish said...

I love your additions to the list! I often realize I haven't showered in 3 days - usually when I catch a whif of myself. And there have been more days than I'd like to admit when I realize around 3pm that I haven't brushed my teeth!