Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What to DO!!!! :S Plus an AWESOME Tutorial!

Came across the COOLEST tutorial today! I will call it..... dadadadada dun.. The TUTORIAL of the DAY! lol

I scour only about 20 different blogs daily and see cool things everyday... which in turn sometimes motivates me to start making things myself... sometimes that is, it also sometimes encourages me to blog more. Sigh, why does life have to be so busy!!? 

Why can't we all just sit back, relax and enjoy the view?

On the other hand after 1 week of that I would start to go crazy and my creative child inside would be ready to force her way out no matter what!
So with the summer coming and some great advice from my counsellor, (I have issues with depression)

I have decided to cut back and really focus on having more fun.
The problem is, where do I cut back when I want to do it all???

There are so many things that I have aspirations for that I can hardly stand it, and I think that it is truly cutting into my creative spirit... I am having a hard time designing much of anything right now.

Well there it is... time to cut back...

After a long list of things I really want to try, like setting my own website/blogger templates, I have decided that I really want to spend the summer sewing more.

From now on you can expect more ideas and tutorials (hopefully) around this category, including:

  • Little Boy Ties/bowties
  • Car seat Canopys
  • Blankets of various natures
  • Duvet covers/bedding/home decor
  • Some Awesome NEW bags! :D
  • Dresses for women and little Girls
  • The Launch of my Period Pouches
  • The Grand Opening to my new Shop on etsy: Sew Seraphic Designs
  • Plus any other cool thing I come up with, especially including Owls!

So there ya have it! I am gonna be a busy girl this summer and couldn't be happier! Of course I am still going to do a little designing here and there for Subway Art and other Printables... but it won't be my main focus.

To kick all this off I want to start with this AMAZING Tutorial found over at Vintage Revivals! Mandi is a true crafty inspiration! (plus she has been on TV, how cool is that?)

One day, I will be that cool I swear! :)

So check this goodness out... Using all your favorite fabric scraps you can make an awesome duvet!
Now why didn't I think of that?

isn't it just Gorgeous!!
Not to mention the rest of the room!
To check out the Full Tutorial yourself, go HERE.

While you are there be sure to look around... but get a glass of water and a snack, you could be there a while! ;)
Hopefully sooner than later I will have my own New Duvet to Show off!


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Angela @ A Mama's Two Cents Worth... said...

Hi Just dropping by to show you some love! Thanks for the comment on my Canada Day Printable post. Check back later this upcoming weeks I have a few more I am working on. Happy Canada Day!