Friday, May 27, 2011

We are FAMILY!!!

Well, I didn't win.

That's ok thought. I was really honestly hoping to, I guess I wouldn't have entered the contest if I wasn't though right?

Have you ever won anything?

I normally have pretty good luck with winning things, just small things though....

When I was in grade 2 I won a coloring contest. It was pretty cool, I won a GIANT pink Easter bunny. I kept it until I was like 20 when my husband (then boyfriend) made me throw it away... lol

I won some awards in High School, stuff like honor roll, academic athlete and athlete of the year kind of thing, maybe a Most Improved Player there too.

From TV and Radio contests, you the kind where you call in? I have one a Paul Brandt CD, A novel and the movie 'Confession's of a Shopaholic'.

I think I was relying on this kind of luck to win me a ticket! The women who did win are amazing though, they had such clever entries and I wish I would have looked at them before entering the contest, silly me! They each had a video entry, I never even thought of that!

I guess better luck next time! :)

So as promised here are a few Freebie copies of my Family Subway Art. 
Since I am new at adding a download to my blog, I thank you for your patience!

PLEASE keep in mind that these are the ONLY ones I am offering for FREE right now.

However, they are all available at my Etsy Shop and you can use Coupon Code:
OHSNAP to get 20% OFF anything stil1 :)

Please click the link UNDER each one to where you can download them and PLEASE let me know if you do download them! :)

*Remember: they are not to be sold in ANY way shape or form - Personal USE ONLY!*

Daisy May

Sandy Beach

Teal Time

Pumpkin Spice

I Love Lime!

Let me know if the downloads don't work. Don't click on the picture, they have my watermark on it...

Happy Downloading! Do it while you can! :D


Erin Noie said...

you're so generous! I would love the lime one, but the link isn't working for me.
I'll be back to check again! Thank you!!

Jacinda Cote said...

Thanks for letting me know about the link. I will check it out and see why! In the meantime, I will email the Lime one! :D